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Give your audience a first-person perspective using 360 video production.  We design and create engaging 360 videos to help your audience connect with your brand, environment and culture.

Working with you on your brief we help you storyboard your production to ensure we meet the objective of the content.

Use cases of the 360 videos we can produce:

1. Environment walkthroughs

2. User instructions

3. Interactive 360 tours

4. 360 video tours

5. 360 interactive virtual events 

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Problem We Solve

Giving customers a first person perspective of an environment, service or culture is difficult

Viewers enjoy control of the camera view to have free roam of the environment and see their own perspective, vs traditional video

Explaining new protocol is difficult when using traditional instructions

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Our Value

We ensure we understand your brief and then work with you on the specific desired outcomes

Storyboard your production and confirm the video techniques we can use to get your message across.

Travel across the UK to film edit and then begin post-production editing.