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No tribe is as strong as your own, right?

Connect with your team, test your musical talent, record your performance and let us produce a final production of you all tribing in unison!


A great way to engage your teams in a creative experience with the end product being a company-branded video production, that you can keep and use for your companies social media activity or at the end of a special online or physical event.

How does it work?

Step 1

Once booked in, we will send you to our instructional webpage where you can meet your virtual teacher (famous David Wise - check him out)

Step 2

Watch the video introduction and select your rhythm difficulty level

Step 3

Prepare your DIY household instrument

Step 4

Practice your rhythm set and use our webpage recorder to send us your performance

Step 5

Give us 1 week to send you a bespoke company branded team music production video

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Problem We Solve

Businesses have run out of creative ideas

Businesses don't ever make something creative together

Organising events is difficult when dealing with large numbers of people

It's hard to cater for all timezones

Businesses find it hard to host activities for multilingual teams

Businesses don't have anything to keep when we have completed other activities.

Businesses don't have anything to show off that represents the business culture

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Our Value

Create an engaging experience through music that breaks away from traditional activities.

Simple website instructions to follow in all languages

Record in your own time, in any time zone.

A bespoke company branded video to take away and keep for long term use.