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Get your business active and raise money for charity using a virtual fitness challenge.

Create a custom branded event page, design a custom virtual route on a real map.

Decide if the challenge is player vs player or team vs team.

Once the event launches, log your activity and provide evidence in the event social feed.

Watch as the participants progress around the map and race to the finish line.  Your event can last hours, days weeks or months!

Thinking Logo

Problem We Solve

Complexity to organise fitness events on this scale

Run out of ideas for raising money for charity

We aren't encouraging fitness and physical wellbeing of staff

We don't integrate well will departments/client integration

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Our Value

Bringing the company together for a good cause that can be endorsed and sponsored.


Get people outside, active and sharing their personal fitness challenge achievements.


Mix teams in different company departments.


We take all the organisation and creativity issues away from the client