Green Screen Production and Recording


Why deliver another presentation or business message from your webcam when you can deliver as if you were on your own branded stage, with your colleagues.

Make your next virtual event engaging and fun so that your attendees are locked into your message and call to action.

No need to leave your home with our home-delivered green screen kit and lighting.

Bring presenters from all over the world onto your own branded virtual stage, or mesmerising environment to align to your message theme.

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Problem We Solve

Webcam delivery is overused for delivering important communications or business updates

Slide decks are not very dynamic ways of delivering visual information

Attendee attention spans are short

Business messages take so long to create that retention of information share is critical to enabling the message

We have presenters all over the UK or world and want them to present with each other at the same time.

We don't want to risk people leaving their homes due to Covid 19.

We need fresh ideas to engage our viewers

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Our Value

We work with you to understand your goals for your message or presentation

We help you create a theme and style for your message

We create a unique virtual world that aligns with your business message and company ethos

We create life-like avatars of your presenters and deploy VR headsets to them within 48hrs.

Scene scripts and custom 3d props are added to each scene so your presenters can illustrate and animate critical points in their delivery.

We record their production from multiple virtual cameras and then edit a video for the customer to share with their business.