Virtual reality education for schools and learning


Provide an immersive learning experience for your students using virtual reality.  Boost their knowledge, using multimodal interactions with their peers, to transform learning outcomes and understanding of curriculum topics.

Make the impossible a reality and make difficult teaching subjects, fun and interactive, allowing students to explore from a new perspective.

Imagine exploring famous world sites from your own home or travelling around the human body, jumping inside a cell, visually connecting students with the intricate functions of the human anatomy.

We work with UK schools and special educational needs experts to create teaching experiences that perfectly integrate with the way children like to learn. 


In VR, the entire class can learn whilst develop social skills, without needing to leave their physical location.

Increase impactful learning and the speed and frequency of teaching 

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Problem We Solve

Certain subjects are hard to teach from a book, whiteboard or video

Teaching remote working students can be slow

Remote students are taught less frequently

Particular special needs students have enhanced visual learning capabilities vs traditional teaching methods

Lessons need little prep due to the "virtual class" always being ready to use.

Some students present social aggressions that mean remote homeschooling is safer for teachers whilst ensuring high-quality fun-based learning.

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Our Value

We make virtual reality education simple by fully supporting you from concept to delivery.

We understand how to develop virtual environments to maximise learning outcomes

We measure learning performance to ensure your virtual world is optimised to your use case and continually refined using the very latest animations, media and virtual interactions.