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Host your next broadcast securely on your branded webpage and interact with your attendees using the built-in chat window.

Need to launch your event on a particular schedule or create your own looping company TV station for displaying content across your digital signage?

We design, deploy and support your next event or broadcast, in rapid time.

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Problem We Solve

Hosting an event is costly and time consuming.

We can't get a bespoke experience and event page made to our design, using existing platforms.

We can't broadcast TV like content on a timed schedule with existing platforms

We don't have a secure page for people to access

Virtual events are too long and arent collaborative.

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Our Value

We work with you to understand your goals and success criteria.

We help create a design that perfectly meets your brief and specification.

We rapidly deploy - everything we do is in house and requires no delays with replying on 3rd parties.

We are flexible to your working hours and needs.

We make events stress free and impactful.