Tennis VR

Backhand, forehand and serve at speed, to pressure your opponent into a mistake.  Use your skills to prove you are the real Ace!

Watch the Virtual Reality Tennis Experience

virtual reality tennis competition

Goalie VR

virtual reality football goal keeper fun

Enter your virtual reality goalie net and prepare to glove up and stop the balls hitting the net.  Use your reflexes and agility to show why you should lead the leader board.

Boxing VR

Glove up and jump in the ring - can you use your skills to topple your virtual opponent?  Think you have the fitness and power to prove how quickly you can KO your opponent.

Watch our boxing virtual reality experience here

virtual reality boxing


virtual reality golf simulator experience

Your own golf course - swing, putt, chop and slice your way to victory.  No excuses - exposure the handicap claims - in view of your watching audience.

Watch our virtual reality golf experience here

Olympics VR

Sprint, jump, shot put, javelin - find your inner Olympian talent and lead the leader board!!

virtual reality running simualtor
virtual reality olympics simulator

Rugby VR

virtual reality rugby competition

Kick your way through a series of target layouts to obtain the highest score and prove you have the accuracy and focus to master this sport!

Skiing VR

Grab your ski poles and propel yourself down the slope in the fastest time.  Use the jumps to gain points - just try not to really fall.....we will catch you if you do!

Watch our virtual reality skiing experience

virtual reality skiing experience