Virtual Reality Corporate Training and Learning


Do you need to deliver training across your organisation, quicker, with improved learning retention, in less time, with measurable results?


Are you spending money on trainers in multiple geographies to repeat the same learning content time and time again?

We create engaging training using virtual reality to enable your business to enhance its training delivery and outcomes.

“V-learning, using virtual reality to train our people, was more effective than classroom and e-learning settings at teaching soft skills concepts.”

  • 40% of the v-learners saw an improvement in confidence compared to classroom learners and 35% improvement over e-learners to act on what they learned after training in VR.

  • V-learning is the most cost-effective way of learning when it’s done on a large scale. At 375 learners, VR training achieved cost parity with classroom learning. At 1,950 learners, VR training achieved cost parity with e-learn. At 3,000 learners, VR costs become 52% less than the classroom.

  • V-learners completed training 4 times faster than classroom training.

  • V-learners felt 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3 times more connected than e-learners.

  • Three-quarters of learners surveyed said that during the VR course they had a wake-up call moment and realised that they were not as inclusive as they thought they were.

  • V-learners were 4 times more focused during training than their e-learning peers and 1.5 times more focused than their classroom colleagues.

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Problem We Solve

Training to reduce loss of life is hard to deliver in the real world.

Hi risk training scenarios make learning measurement hard to capture and analyse

Time to train is dependant on trainer and trainee location

Traditional training is expensive and can be a logistical challenge

You need lots of expert trainers where training needs are geographically spread

Delivering group training to encourage collaborative learning is difficult, over a long distance.

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Our Value

We help customers quantify and qualify the value of delivering training (new or existing) in virtual reality

We design, deliver and support the training solution to ensure trainees are engaged in fun learning that results in measurably improved training outcomes.

We work with you to support and evolve virtual reality training to build out your training eco-systems across your organisation, within a single collaborative virtual platform.