Virtual Meetings & Events

Looking to create an engaging virtual event or video message for your business that delivers beyond another video call?

We use virtual reality to ensure your messaging connects and resonates with your audience.   We will work with you to design a solution that meets your outcomes.

We offer 3 types of virtual reality services:

1.  Virtual to Video Conference - By providing a VR headset to each of your presenters, we create a virtual environment and then integrate your VR world with any video platform.  Your people see and hear you and you see and hear them as you communicate your business updates.  All presenters appear on the same stage.

2. Virtual Reality Filming - we will work with you to create a theme and storyboard for your messaging and then film you in VR delivering your presentation.  This is then video edited and live streamed into your event or provided to you as a video for you to stream to your guests.

3. Virtual Meetings, Events, Exhibitions and Training -

With all your guests and staff in your own branded world, you will truly feel like you are face to face again!


Guests can join using VR headsets or on desktop PCs, Apple IOS and Android devices as they explore your bespoke, branded space.


Meet and network with colleagues and customers from around the world.  It's fun, engaging and super efficient.

Host your next company presentation, product launch or client meeting - all in 1 virtual space!

Some of the features of our service include:

  • Customise your room design and upload your company branding

  • Upload media content - videos, PDF's, photos, 3d objects.

  • Create bespoke exhibition stands for your sponsors

  • Design and deploy any interactive experience

  • Provide VR equipment hire

  • Provide Training guides and live support