Virtual reality party

Fuzzy Brick was founded in late 2018 and launched in June 2019 after months of development of our delivery, experiences and props, as well as.....well everything else you need to do to launch a business. 


What started out as primarily a virtual racing simulator to run corporate competitions and brand promotion, we quickly realised we needed to broaden our offering for well being, team building, training and virtual events.


Virtual reality is at the heart of everything we do and being able to create any scenario inside a headset is what gives us a limitless, ever evolving offering to our customers.  Seeing how people interact in team building - breaking down communication barriers and fusing teams with a common goal - gets us properly excited every time we start a new conversation with a customer or head out on the road to deliver one of our many experiences.

It's quite different to what I used to do over the last 15 years.  Being the Director of Fuzzy Brick has meant that the skills I have learned over the years can now truly be tested to help UK businesses. 


The foundation of what we pride ourselves on is putting the customer at the centre, exceeding expectations of the customers desired outcomes and making memories for everyone who immerses themselves in our virtual reality experiences.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your next, team building, brand promotion, or virtual event. 


We're fully insured and commercially licensed for all the software we use - let's talk, create and deliver.

Mark Upward - Fuzzy Brick