Racing Sim

Jump into the racing seat of the world's greatest racing simulator.

With our expert operator at your service, we bring up to 4 player VR racing  to your office, party or event.

Race tracks like, the Nurburgring, Spa, Brands Hatch can all be your playground!

All driver lap times are logged in our Fuzzy Brick lap time table, with the top 4 fastest drivers entering a final race in front of their watching fans!

Afterwards we will send you an email with the drivers best laps.  The perfect gift for your winner to gloat with! 

Flight Simulator

virtual reality flight simulator 4 player

Up to 4 players fighting the most intense dog fight - 2 vs 2 or full on war.....this is an immersive and addictive experience!

Google Earth

Take yourself to any location around the world in photographic detail!

Land landmark, any where, any time!

virtual reality google vr team challenge