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Bring teams together in a new immersive, fun and challenging way with our multi challenge virtual reality team-building experience.

Enter the room at your chosen location, get briefed on your mission and prepare for an adventure!

We break into teams and present the challenge.

Working in rotation, we take you through 3 VR experiences, competing head to head, with teams forced to use their business skills to gain the highest score.

Patience, organisation, clear communication and leadership skills are needed to defuse the bomb in challenge number 1.  Your VR bomb defuser must have a steady hand, as the timer ticks closer to destruction...don't panic, the instructions are in the envelope!


At VR station 2, teams group into pairs and jump into the virtual burger restaurant where both waiter and chef must satisfy the customers to deliver their food and drink, accurately and on time.  The watching team must guide the playing team members to ensure their planning, prioritisation and burger building accuracy is on point!

At VR station 3, the team players each test their walking at height ability, walking across a plank, 50 stories high, as the winds howl through the virtual city.  Can you leap, and fly around the city like superman, in the fastest time?  The group time is added together to see which team was the speed, balance and courage to win!

As a bonus round throughout the experience, teams must answer a multiple choice quiz on their company and their industry...will your CEO be checking the company website to find the answers?

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If you need office team building in Essex, London, or the rest of the UK, let's hook you up today!

Group sizes of up to 35 people

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Problem We Solve

Teams need a new team building idea that's fun and innovative.

Not everyone wants to go out after work for drinks, entertainment and team building.

Teams test their skill across 3 different challenges to ensure everyone gets to exploit their strengths.

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Our Value

We get business and know what teams need to fuse fun and a challenge

We bring everything needed to run your event - we just need a room and power supply.

Once the team building is done, we transform the team build stations into your own VR arcade.