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Onboard a spaceship, on a mission to rescue your crew from a previous failed ECLIPSE mission, you must work as a team and test your communication, leadership and problem-solving skills, in this immersive and heart-racing escape against the clock.

Work in your team of 4 to escape in the quickest time, to earn your place at the top of the company leaderboard.

We set up the escape room at your offices to allow your teams to experience a  competitive group adventure throughout the day, without having to leave the office or venture out after work.

Experiences last approx 35 mins so ~64 players can play during 1 day.  We can set up the escape room over multiple days.  All scores will be published on our online customer bespoke leaderboard so that the business can track the quickest teams.

Our partners BackLight Gaming - Game Developers

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Problem We Solve

Teams that work in call centres or on shifts.


Teams that don't typically socialise outside working hours.


Individuals that want alternatives to food and drink evenings.


Teams that find it hard to collaborate across the department.


Leaders that find it hard to organise events outside of working hours.

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Our Value

Inclusive to everyone in your organisation

Tests problem solving, leadership and communication skills.

Minimal time away from the desk, reducing the impact on productivity.

Instructions, safety briefing and teams are decided before the day begins to ensure efficient use of time during the day.