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Draw customers to your brand with innovative virtual reality gamification. With hundreds of virtual reality games and experiences to choose from, we can always create a competitive challenge that aligns with your theme and captures the attention of the audience.

With customers swarming around you and monitoring their position on the leaderboard, take this opportunity to connect and qualify your leads. With our Virtual Reality experts briefed on the campaign and goals, we will assist you to ensure your campaign generates the highest possible ROI.

With your leads' keeping tabs throughout the day on the leaderboard and wanting "one more go" to see if they can rank at the top, use this as another chance to further engage your customer with your value proposition and your brand.

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Problem We Solve

Exhibition stands and marketing events don't use innovative ideas to attract people.

It's hard to find entertainment and competition ideas that relate to your campaign theme.

Your stand attraction doesn't hold customers for long enough, for your sales people to have enough time to interact with them.

You don't want a generic exhibition stand, where you just blend in with all the other stands.

You need to attract people back to your stand later in the day to increase engagement and relationship building with the customer.

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Our Value

We develop a virtual reality theme that ties perfectly with your brand messaging.

We ensure competition and fun is at the centre of the campaign to ensure we maximise the ROI

We bring everything needed to set up the experience and can bring bespoke banners and T-shirts if required.

We understand your campaign and goals to ensure we are an extension of your business, not just people that help people get immersed in the virtual reality experience.

We deliver experiences across the UK